Quality & Environment

Quality Policy:

First-class technology & process, always innovate, to seek customer satisfaction!

Keep improving: 1.01^365=37.8, daily accumulation lead to Great!

Quality Goal:

Finished units yield: 100%

Customer satisfaction: 100%

Control Strategy:

1: Procurement

Qualification check for new vendor;

Annual check for existing vendor;

The selecting for key material / equipments, need to go through audit by the team including engineering, IQC, and procurement.

Release internal flowchart to manufacture, according to process and customer requirement.

2: IQC

100% checking for new vendor.

10%sampling checking for existing vendor.

Material will be reject if not meet SPEC, and vendor and required to find out root cause and give preventative actions in time. Vendor will be suspended if correct actions not persuasive.

Understand latest process, and keep on improving quality level.

3: Engineering

Product release need flow process strictly: Proof-of-concept design à Technical submit à Model verification à Engineering verification à Sample production à Volume production (some of the special order excluded) .

Key indexes of the components are defined clearly and strictly in the RD SPEC.

RD drawing shall be detailed and normative.  MFG guidance easy to read, tolerance shall be reasonable, etc.

4: Manufacture

Orientation training for all operators.

Equipment mean downtime < 2%

Maintain and calibrate periodically.

1st time yield > 98%

Final yield (after rework) >99.8%


VM inspection per SPEC.

Check flowchart, and inspect / test per product SPEC(if need). Only these units that meet SPEC requirement, could be shipped out.

The quality of today, the market of tomorrow!