Core Value

Talent Microwave Core Value:

Innovation-----------  the way for us to stay ahead

Quality ----------------- the principle to build the brand

Responsibility------  responsibility driven execution, the step to make progress

Talent------------------- the foundation to success

Innovation: innovative technology, innovative management, innovative strategy, and keep on improving and innovating in all successive field, to let us being more competitive, and make it become possible, make it come into being, and make our world better!

Quality: How could a corporation survive in this highly open, developed world? And what is supporting us to create a famous brand in the highly competitive industry? We would say it is quality!

Responsibility: we proposing responsible for yourself, responsible for our employee, responsible for our clients, and responsible for the world! The dividing of work scope, sense of responsibility, and rights, shall unify synthetically. Responsibility is a key factor for employee to fulfill their sell-worth, and ensure all strategy carried out solidly.

Talents:Talent Microwave emphasis the collaborative development of corporation and employee. Adhere to the concept of talent development and retain, Talent Microwave has always pay attention to recruit talent people, train them and retain talent in the long run.