Company Profile

    Suzhou Talent Microwave, Inc was created by several Microwave experts, which is a professional manufacturer of Microwave products in China, that mainly manufactures  microwave cable and cable  assemblies, coaxial connectors, and microwave components. Our products serve more applications than before, which can be found in systems ranging from microwave communications, telecom communications, radar, satellite to a wide range of test equipment.

   We employ advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to achieve excellent quality. Products with the label of Talent microwave have been applied to the high level application all around more than 30 countries, which makes the 'Talent Microwave' fame and reputation receive wider acceptation and praise from the customers.


   We offer:

  • High performance DC-110GHZ microwave and millimeter wave cable
  • High performance DC-110GHZ microwave and millimeter wave cable assemblies
  • High performance phase and amplitude stable test cable
  •  High grade DC-110GHZ coaxial connectors and adaptors
  • High performance power dividers and couplers
  • Mechanical Coaxial Switch
  • Rotary Joint
  • High performance filters
  • High performance attenuators



    Talent Microwave always serve customers with all sincerity, and we will keep improving and innovating our products and provide excellent products to both new and old customers.